We have three SharePoint server professional 2013environments; development, staging +live.

Now due to time limitation we did a lot of modifications and testing to our staging server directly without doing this inside the dev environment first.so now after we have deployed the applications live server, I want to have the three environment the same. Mainly I need to copy the whole farm from staging to development .

so can anyone advice on this , and what are the required steps to complete this ? Thanks


Their are couple of ways you can do it.

Method # 1 ( i am assuming you have the same kind of web application)

  • take the backup of content DBs from Stagging
  • restore into Dev farm,
  • Detach the Old DataBase from SharePoint Dev farm Web App and Attach the New DB(stagging)
  • deploy any solutions if you have.
  • Make any changes to Web .config(if any).

Method # 2

If you have made the SharePoint designer changes to your site collection and you want to move the single site collection.

  • take the backup of site collection from stagging(wither Central Admin or pwoershell)
  • Move the bak files to dev farm
  • restore the site collection to required path using powershell.
  • thanks for the reply, but we have also added some metadata services, search services, etc. so i was thinking if i take a backup of the Farm from the staging and restore it inside the dev ? is this valid approach ? – john Gu Nov 27 '14 at 23:30

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