I have a community site with many discusssions. One of them is a discussion divided into 3 pages (each answer has text and animated gif). When I try to go to page 2, in default (Flat) view mode, I have a JavaScript error. This doesn't append in other view modes. Can anyone help me?

Error displayed


TypeError: Cannot read property 'RefreshCurrent' of undefined

Details in console :

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'style' of null sp.ui.discussions.js?rev=Ctp9%2FvLjNfusJYnhCPlrrg%3D%3D:2

(anonymous function) init.js?rev=ZCyl%2Bj%2B4NZLoeodWTEXQ0Q%3D%3D:1

EnsureScript init.js?rev=ZCyl%2Bj%2B4NZLoeodWTEXQ0Q%3D%3D:1

EnsureScriptFunc sp.ui.discussions.js?rev=Ctp9%2FvLjNfusJYnhCPlrrg%3D%3D:2

SP.UI.Discussions.ReplyBoxControl.show sp.ui.discussions.js?rev=Ctp9%2FvLjNfusJYnhCPlrrg%3D%3D:2

SP.UI.Discussions.ReplyBoxControl.transferState sp.ui.discussions.js?rev=Ctp9%2FvLjNfusJYnhCPlrrg%3D%3D:2

SP.UI.Discussions.ForumViewState.$22_0 sp.ui.discussions.js?rev=Ctp9%2FvLjNfusJYnhCPlrrg%3D%3D:2

(anonymous function) sp.ui.discussions.js?rev=Ctp9%2FvLjNfusJYnhCPlrrg%3D%3D:2

SP.UI.Discussions.ForumViewState.DeferredAnimatedRefreshHandler.$1F_0 sp.ui.discussions.js?rev=Ctp9%2FvLjNfusJYnhCPlrrg%3D%3D:2

SP.UI.Discussions.ForumViewState.DeferredAnimatedRefreshHandler.onAnimationCompleteHandler ScriptResource.axd?d=hcWaKNwWA2WhwXswNF7O-FBRMblD1hhHuIFX_8zVTjKZe38dLtG-gh-i_nRAAXANzooOn9YaiB0cvo…:5

(anonymous function) core.js?rev=%2FmcwmyWAFSbQRHlXU4BIBg%3D%3D:1

AnimationUnit.StepAnimation core.js?rev=%2FmcwmyWAFSbQRHlXU4BIBg%3D%3D:1

AnimationEngine.StepAllAnimations core.js?rev=%2FmcwmyWAFSbQRHlXU4BIBg%3D%3D:1



TypeError: a is undefined

Details from console:

TypeError: c is null sp.ui.discussions.js:2


Type error. 'Undefined' a la valeur Null ou n'est pas un objet

Details from console:

Objet requis sp.ui.discussions.js?rev=Ctp9%2FvLjNfusJYnhCPlrrg%3D%3D, Ligne 2 Caractère 60983

Thank you in advance for any help!

  • This behavior appends in a custom category only, no problems with General items – Othella Nov 28 '14 at 14:47
  • I have the same problem. I have seen that this occurs when you mark a comment as "best answer" and the answer is not on the first page. Did you find the solution? Thank you – Baldo Jan 17 '18 at 10:34
  • Sorry, unfortunately I don't remember it: it was a long time ago! :( – Othella Jan 18 '18 at 11:05

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