I have a problem of error "file not found" in a site collection SharePoint 2010.

  • I cannot access to home page, the page of list/library/permission,etc. All pages will appear an error "file not found"
  • I can access to the page of "all content"
  • I can access to the site setting page, but I cannot open the link on this page. For example, I select "quick launch" in "Look and feel" section, it will show an error "file not found".
  • I think I must reset my master page, but I cannot use SharePoint Designer (forbidden in my application), I cannot open the link on site setting page, and I cannot open library page to check the master page
  • I can access to mobile view, and all pages work well in mobile view, but I did not find site setting page

How could I check the master page? Or this problem has other solution?

Thank you in advance.


Check the ULS logs to identify what file is not found.

To reset the masterpage, do it with powershell. eg:

$web = Get-SPWeb http://sharepoint
$web.CustomMasterUrl = "/_catalogs/masterpage/nightandday.master"
$web.MasterUrl = "/_catalogs/masterpage/nightandday.master"

Once you've identified the missing file and resolved, load your custom one back in. You may have to iterate a few times to get it right.

  • Thank your advice. I reset the master page with powershell – AnnaCICI Nov 27 '14 at 17:54

You have to sett alternate access mapping in central admin to access SharePoint Portal both using hostname and IP.

Here is the tutorial with picture : Configure Alternate Access Mapping

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