How can I know the "Created" and "CreatedBy" fields of a SharePoint library? I am using SharePoint 2010 Enterprise

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  1. Open the library in browser
  2. Activate the ribbon and choose "Open in Explorer"
  3. Go one level up
  4. Right Click the Library and Select Properties
  5. Created Date will be displayed in the property window

the below script will give you the Created date of List/library.

$web = Get-SPWeb “http://yourweburl”
$list = $web.lists[“Your List Name”]
$listCreatedDateTime = $list.Created
$web = $null
Write-Host $listCreatedDateTime


Also check this MSDN for more properties n Method.



The Created date and Created By (Internal name Author) can be checked one of the tools like SPManager. However, if a code solution like PS is needed then the script by @Waqas can be used with one addition $list.Author to get created by information.

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