In SharePoint 2013, inside my Style Library, I have a folder with 100 images. What must I do to display a preview of each image within this Style Library image directory, for each image that is in it, rather than just displaying links that open the image in a seperate tab?

So far, I made an attempt of creating a new standard view and added the image content type to the new view, but it doesn't display a preview of each image.

What must I do?


Assign a display template with below code to the view. I am displaying the preview in the 'Title' column. You can create a different column and update the code as needed. The 'Name' column has to be part of the view for this to work.

(function () {
    var titleFieldCtx = {};
    titleFieldCtx.Templates = {};
    titleFieldCtx.Templates.Fields = {
        "Title": { //
            "View": TitleFieldViewTemplate



function TitleFieldViewTemplate(ctx) {
    var item = ctx.CurrentItem;
    var validFileTypes = ['jpg', 'jpeg', 'png']; //Valid image file types
    if (validFileTypes.indexOf(item.File_x0020_Type) >= 0 && item.FileRef) {
        return "<img src='" + item.FileRef + "'"; //build the image html. Set the height and width as needed
    else {
        return item.Title;
  1. Change the property of the image and set the content type as Image
  2. Edit view and choose field Preview
  3. Save the view

This will add a new field to the view which basically gives a preview of the image

  • Doing this adds a column for 'Preview' but the where the preview image should be there is only a generic white icon. Any tips? Edit: Same result with 'Thumbnail Preview'.
    – AM2FTW
    Apr 26 '17 at 7:26

My quick and dirty approach is to open that library in Windows Explorer view, then changing the view to Thumbnails... and voila, you can preview all images.

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