I am getting below error I am trying to export from sharepoint 2010 foundation server.

Is there anyway I can ignore these kind of errors and export simply?

PS C:\> Export-SPWeb -Identity http://sp2010/dept  -Path c:\\temp\backUp.dat
Export-SPWeb : Feature '0be49fe9-9bc9-409d-abf9-702753bd878d' for list template
 '2100' is not installed in this farm.  The operation could not be completed.
At line:1 char:13
+ Export-SPWeb <<<<  -Identity http://sp2010/dept  -Path c:\\temp\backUp.dat
    + CategoryInfo          : InvalidData: (Microsoft.Share...CmdletExportWeb:
   SPCmdletExportWeb) [Export-SPWeb], SPException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell.SPCmdletExportWe

You can use the -Force parameter http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff607895(v=office.15).aspx

Export-SPWeb -Identity http://sp2010/dept  -Path c:\\temp\backUp.dat -Force

Alternatively you can do a backup using Central Admin http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/video/backup-and-restore-a-sharepoint-2010-site-collection.aspx

  • If I apply -force. Still getting same error. – James123 Nov 24 '14 at 19:54
  • Try central admin backup feature. – Amal Hashim Nov 24 '14 at 19:55
  • same this I got from central admin too "Feature '0be49fe9-9bc9-409d-abf9-702753bd878d' for list template '2100' is not installed in this farm. The operation could not be completed." – James123 Nov 24 '14 at 20:12
  • Is there any free tool available? – James123 Nov 24 '14 at 20:13

The id {0be49fe9-9bc9-409d-abf9-702753bd878d} is the feature Id for Slide Library. As per my knowledge the Slide Library feature is not present in SharePoint Foundation 2010. Its available only in SharePoint 2010 Server edition.

If you are using SharePoint 2010 Server edition. You should check if SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Collection Features is enabled or not. If this is Deactivated, just Activate it and try Exporting again.

  • I have moved from sharepoint 2007 (MOSS) to SharePoint 2010 Foundation. Now I am tryhing to export sites to Sharepoint 2013 Foundation. – James123 Nov 24 '14 at 20:54
  • The Slide Library were part of MOSS 2007 and SharePoint 2010 server. They are discontinued in SharePoint 2013(refer support.office.com/en-us/article/…). As a workaround i can suggest to backup the content of the slide library and then delete the library from the site. Now, you should be able to export the site. – Amit Tyagi Nov 24 '14 at 21:14

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