Is there some way I could grant anonymous access on a public sharepoint site?

I know that most of you would say that I just had to set this website to online (he is still set as offline), but my question is if I can enable anonymous access even though it is offline.

I saw a few solutions on the web but none of them worked.

  1. http://anonymous365.codeplex.com/
  2. http://www.xenoxgaravito.com/Blog/Lists/Posts/Post.aspx?ID=8

So here is my problem...

I have a custom list on Office 365 and I wanted anonymous users to have access to this list without require them to log in. But if I try to access this list to include or view items through public site address, Office 365 requires me to provide an user and password. I tried to make the same thing with site pages but with no success too.

So I am guessing that is really impossible to accomplish with Office 365 I did that easily when I was working with On Premise.

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You can grant anonymous access to anyone with a guest link for a specific document. Documentation here.

As for folders and entire lists it is not possible in SharePoint Online:

  1. Link 1
  2. Link 2

Nor for the site collections:

The only OOTB way is to know these people's email addresses and they need to have Live IDs. Then you could share the list by emailing them.

  • This solution would be great, if it were a small thing, for a small number of users for access. The problem is that it should work as a "talk to us" page and just for this purpose that I wanted to enable anonymous access, to let a huge number of users access it. I guess the properly solution would be making the entire public site "Online", so those anonymous users could access this specific page. Nov 24, 2014 at 12:51

The Anonymous Access Permisionnator webpart that I made still works with O365, but you need to make sure to increase your resource quota to a non-zero number.

This doesn't seem to be possible with a non-enterprise tenant, but if you have one, give it a try. I wrote about it here.

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