I created a test site in sharepoint using the Enterprise search template with the name 'search'. So my site was http://mysite/search. Well I deleted that site and tried to recreate it with that same name and it fails.

I can create a site with the name search1, search2, etc and they all are created properly, but if I delete search1, or search2 and repeat what I did above those fails as well.

It seems like sharepoint isn't properly deleting the sites and there are orphaned files somewhere.

Any suggestions as to how I can resolve this?

  • How long has it been since you deleted them? Maybe it has to crawl to see that the names are no longer being used?
    – Jordan
    Nov 21, 2014 at 14:45
  • Weeks... but the amount of times between the deletions don't seem to have an affect.
    – nullByteMe
    Nov 21, 2014 at 14:47

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Looks like, Site is still in SharePoint Admin Bin.You should this.

  • Use powershell to create site collection



You can use the this command

Get-SPWebApplication <http://url:port> | Get-SPSite -Limit All | Get-SPWeb -Limit All | Select Title, URL, ID, ParentWebID

This will return the id and parent id for all sub sites from the choosed site. If your "search" site is on this list, you could use:

Remove-SPWeb <http://url>

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