I've managed to get information from a multiple lookup with the line below, however it returns a single string. I need to compare each item to a known path. i.e. IT, IT/sub1, IT/sub2 etc. so individual items need testing.

var lookup = ($(this).attr("ows_PublishTo_x003A_shARe_x0020"));

output :


Is there a method I can utilise to make this more robust or will I need to manipulate the string into an array and test each element?

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Check this comment from Marc:

In my test environment, what I see in an Audiences column is semi-colon separated values. (Sharepoint often uses this convention for multi-select columns.) You're trying to treat that single text string as if it is an array, which it isn't. You'll need to use the split function to convert the values to an array.

Something like this:

var audienceValueArray = itemAudience.split(";");


I don't think SPServices provides any method to read lookup values, so you may have to use javascript split

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