Currently I am working on setting up Office 365, with focus on Sharepoint. It's still early days, so everything can still be changed, which is why I am asking this question before I hit a point-of-no-return.

When opening a document in (fx) Excel, I 'Add a Place' and choose Office 365 Sharepoint. However, this only links to my 'root' Team Site: domain.sharepoint.com, and I can only navigate to the subsites of that root site.

I can navigate to other sites by changing to url ->


Is there a way to make this more user-friendly, so they can navigate easily to different sites from their Office Programs? Or do I really have to structure my Sharepoint to have domain.sharepoint.com as the main site collection and then make subsites all the way down for other sites? (This doesn't seem right).


I have a idea, You can add url to navigation in root Site? if positive, continue read this post, otherwise skip!

Only 4 step to configure this link:

  1. In your root site: first step - click edit link

  2. In edit mode, add link: second step - adding link

  3. On adding link, fill in the data. thirty step - link added

  4. Click OK and save: quarter step - saving navigation

enter image description here

And now, the your users can access with facility :)

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