I have a custom master page based on "Responsive Sharepoint" masterpages (https://responsivesharepoint.codeplex.com/) that I've been working on for a few days now.

Everything looks good and runs smooth up until I try to access certain site settings (site permissions, site collection features, regional settings and most others). I keep getting an

Sorry, something went wrong

error with the correlation id f2e9cd9c-e04e-e034-737b-ae09a0bf8e6c.

The ones I can still access are masterpage selection, people and groups and a few more. Whenever I switch to the Seattle master page this problem goes away.

I suspect this might have something to do with me moving some of the controls around but I can not pinpoint the problem. Any ideas?

Link to code: http://www.1912.is/1912/masterpage.txt

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As suspected, the problem lay with the contentplaceholders. Added the ones missing (after enabling error messages) and the problem went away.

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