I see that SharePoint is exposing below CSOM Methods.

Web.LoadAndInstallApp method - Uploads and installs an app package to this site •Web.LoadAndInstallAppInSpecifiedLocale method - Uploads and installs an App package, in a specified locale

Web.LoadApp method - Uploads an App package and creates an instance from it.

I tried to add a provider hosted app through above Web.LoadAndInstallApp method. It gets installed but the Client Id and Client Secret registration is not happening. Can we perform app registration through CSOM?

Please advise.

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As of now we cannot as there is no CSOM or Sharepoint online powershell commands for it.I am trying to a post with variables from the code using HttpWebRequest.

  • That begs the question, how come Visual Studio is able to do this? When deploying from Visual Studio, it does request and register a new App Id. Try having Fiddler running when hitting F5 in Visual Studio with your SharePoint App loaded and see what it calls out to. Commented Jan 13, 2015 at 17:28

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