It isn't too difficult to use xsl to modify the display of items in a list (via a custom fldtypes.xsl file), but can the fldtypes.xsl file also be used to change the display on the `dispform.aspx' ?

For example, I created an xsl modification that converts phone numbers into callto links within the listviews.

But I would like the phone numbers in the fields of the dispform.aspx to also pick up on the same modifications. Can I do this somehow with the fldtypes.xsl?


Anyone got a clue here?

[waaay later]

I just posted a new question and then noticed I already asked it a long time ago (this question), so I am updating it now.

Sharepoint Lists all use my custom fldtypes.xsl page for style modifications. How do I make my DispForm.aspx page also use the same xsl style sheet? I know I could edit the form itself and modify the xsl within, but I want it to pull from the styles I've already created.

Now, DispForm.aspx contains it's own xsl stylesheet, but can I use my custom one too?

How do I hook up the external xsl stylesheet to DispForm.aspx?

I've tried to add <xsl:include href="/_layouts/xsl/fldtypes_custom.xsl"/> within the <xsl:stylesheet> tags. But it doesn't seem to load anything.

So I've found this page and this page with examples, but where do I put the link inside the DispForm.aspx page and still be able to use the existing xsl as an override?


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