I'm currently working on a search driven App in SharePoint 2013 based on JavaScript and some forms.

The mission is to get results from the search refinery in real-time for a specific search term. To realize this i used the search rest api to get all refinery options for a special refiner.

In my special case I ask the search api to get all possible language values for the refiner language (global language column) back to work with them. That works but i only get back the abbreviations for the languages like en, de, nl etc.

But what i need is the full name back like: English, German, Dutch.

Is there any option to get this values back from the search api, or any other place in SharePoint to match this values to a name? I don't found anythink in the API.

If you need more details or code snippets, please let me know.

Thanks for your help in advanced

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SharePoint stores the language using the ISO 639-1 codes. You can create an object or enum to store these codes with their language values. For a list of all the codes, see this link.


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