I wonder if it is possible to programatically change user's id in Sharepoint 2010? If it is, I would be very thankful for explantion on how to do that.

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If you by ID mean the integer that follows the user, this cannot be changed.

The ID is part of the primary key, and exposed as a getable property in the object model:

SPPrincipal.ID SPUser.ID

Why would you need this?

  • Because of mixed authentication... If the user is later created in AD and uses Win Authentication, I would like to map all his items etc. created by his old account to the new account. Thanks for answer.
    – redman
    Commented May 4, 2011 at 11:35

Actually you can change it on the backend database via SQL - BUT THIS IS NOT SUPPORTED and ALL REFERENCES TO THIS USER MAY THEN BE BROKEN.

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