As title above, i want to create a crawled property for one custom field which is taxonomy field. Some information about this field are as bellow:

  1. Display Name: Document Category
  2. Static Name: DocumentCategory
  3. Internal Name: Document_x0020_Category
  4. Type: Taxonomy

I did try this powershell code block :

New-SPEnterpriseSearchMetadataCrawledProperty -Category SharePoint -IsNameEnum $false -Name "owstaxId_DocumentCategory" -PropSet 158d7563-aeff-4dbf-bf16-4a1445f0366c -SearchApplication "Search Service Application" -VariantType 31

and this code block with -Name is owstaxId_Document_x0020_Category

They were created successfully with a warring in powershell:

Warning: obsolete parameter ignored: '-variantType'

Then, I manually map the crawled property for DocumentCategory and start a full crawl.

Finally, I go to search center and search with :


xxxx-xxxx is the termId, but it returns nothing.

I do not really know exact which step i did make wrongly. Could you please give me some idea? I just want to create crawled and managed property for a custom taxonomy field.

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Try use the Search Query Tool (https://sp2013searchtool.codeplex.com/) - open advanced mode on the left side and click the checkbox. Then do a search for your item. Then in primary results click on "view all properties" and verify that your property is in the collection and what value it contains.

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