I'm trying to use a web service call in Nintex Workflow to add a new item to a list. I'm using the web service because the user only has read permissions to the list. What syntax is needed to set the person/group field?

<Batch OnError="Continue" ListVersion="1">
  <Method ID="1" Cmd="New">
    <Field Name="Title">Hey there</Field>
    <Field Name="ContentType">Registration</Field>
    <Field Name="CourseID">{ItemProperty:CourseID}</Field>
    <Field Name="EmployeeEmail">{WorkflowVariable:userAccount}</Field>

I've tried passing in domain/account, id;#display_name, email address with no success. If I omit the EmployeeEmail field from the batch command, the insert works fine.

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id;#display_name seems to be the correct method, I found I was overwriting my variable someplace else, that was causing my batch command to fail.

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