I am creating a approval workflow, where i collect data from diffrent users in diffrent stages. My workflow logic is as follows:

  • When new item is created and if item approval status is pending. Collect Data from User 1( As listed in the new item form).

In Collect Data Task i created a column to capture Review status of that job. If the approval status is approved : go to next step. else if approval status is request for more info: send email to user who created the item with the link of the edit form to make changes and send back again.

At this very step i need to capture the url of current item and block certain fields in editform.aspx page.

I was able to do that using jquery targeting input title of that item and disable it.

But now when User 1 approves his task and the approval workflow moves on to USer 2 where user 2 send back the form for a review i need to block User 1 (people and group Field) but still keep user 2(people and group field) enabled in editform.aspx page of that item.

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