I'm fairly new to using Designer workflows. I have an email notification which goes to a line manager, and in the body of the email there is a link to the 'current item:' which is a multiple choice field. I have changed the lookup current item from 'string' to Choices, Comma Delimited - that works fine as it list the items tick from the multiple choice, but what I'd like to do is add a space between the items, i.e. a,b,c, to a, b, c,

  • I have looked at editing the html but I'm a bit lost.

Any help gratefully received

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You should install http://spdwfextensions.codeplex.com extensions and then use Replace function to replace , with ,

  1. Create a workflow variable
  2. Store the comma separated choice into that field
  3. Do a Replace and set it to the same variable
  4. Use the variable instead of current item

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