I want to specify a display template to be used for items in a particular list. So everything in this list will use my custom display template.

I created a Result Type, but I don't know which condition to use. I've tried setting the ListId condition equal to my list's ID, but it doesn't work.


Are you using the format "{guid}"? Also have you added the ListID managed property to the ManagedProperty element in your display template?


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  • I've discovered that my subsite isn't using the custom Result Types I've setup in my root site collection. It works if I manually add the Result Type to my subsite. I'm now trying to figure out how my subsite can inherit Result Types from my root site collection. – matt Nov 10 '14 at 17:24
  • Seems the old link is dead. The "original" can be found on archive.org Also it seems the article was migrated to docs.microsoft.com – Nils Feb 21 at 11:54

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