I am trying to configure my Unattended Data Refresh Account and continue to get the following error with the account I am using:

The data refresh for 'sqltestrefresh.xlsx' on Report Center - QA has failed with the following error:

Logon failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer

The data refresh has had 1 consecutive failures. If there are 10 consecutive failures we will disable the schedule. The service application setting 'Disable data refresh due to consecutive failures' enforces this behavior.

The data refresh management page for this file can be used to view the full history, and to take actions such as modifying the schedule to exclude this data source from future refreshes.

I am at a loss for what else could be the issue. Here is what I have done to date.

  1. I have setup the unattended account via the secure store service to use my credentials and the refresh works.

  2. I have verified that the account I am trying to set up has access to the site collection where the data refresh is occurring.

  3. I have tried to directly enter the credentials on the schedule data refresh page section for "Connect using the following Windows user credentials" and gotten the error, "The provided credentials are invalid". At which point I verified that the credentials are in fact valid.

  4. I have verified the user has permissions to access the data source.

So do I need to give the account any login permissions on the server, or could this be a result of the account being in a Different OU in active directory?

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