Tabular View option is not showing while modifying or creating view SharePoint 2010.

I want to show checkboxes but tabular view option not showing. I have done changing the tabular view to default and then tabular as this solution works for some people but not for me.

Image is attached for what it is showing to me.


If tabular view option is not available from UI. You can try setting it using Power Shell. Following is the sample code:

$spWeb = Get-SPWeb 'siteUrl'
$spList = $spWeb.Lists['ListName']
$spView = $spList.Views["View_Name"]
$spView.TabularView = $true
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    I tried your given code , it fetches view but after that it gives error. ( Given Below ) Property TabularView cannot be found on this object; make sure it exists and is settable. Property Not found. – Muhammad Junaid Imtiaz Nov 6 '14 at 12:14
  • Normally it should be available. Perhaps the view is corrupt. Did you try checking tabular view on any other test list in your site? – Nadeem Yousuf Nov 6 '14 at 12:43
  • Yes This option is available in other lists and document library but not showing in picture library. else is all good. i also create a new view but this option is not showing. i also created a new Picture library this option is not showing in new picture library too. – Muhammad Junaid Imtiaz Nov 7 '14 at 5:30

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