I have website which is basically a "container" for subsites, and I would like to set it's homepage to "All site content" page (viewlsts.aspx) which is easy, but it should be filtered down to "Sites and Workspaces" section

So, is there any way to set up home page for website to address like:


I am looking for solution without features, powershell and so on, because I am not farm admin, only site collection admin

UPDATE 1 - I came up with idea that i can embed iframe on homepage... it looks promising but I have duplicated top navigation, ribbon, etc... I deleted most of the top elements, but some of them are obligatory... I know it is kind of lame doing it this way, so I'll try to solve it with something more "pro" :)


If you are able to use SharePoint designer on your site, there is a solution for this. You can hide the lists/libraries from designer and make only sites appear in the All site content page. Though this link demonstrates how to do it for SharePoint 2013, you can use it for SharePoint 2010 too, refer this.

  • Yes, i use this now but tree view is narrow, shows only first 15 subsites (for rest of them You need to scroll down) and lacks descriptions of subsites... Nov 7 '14 at 6:14
  • First comment is uncomplete - I know how to hide lists, but - suprise suprise - you cannot set homepage for _layouts/viewlsts.aspx :). I use tree view now, but it is: - too narrow - shows about first 15 subsites (for rest of them You need to scroll down) - lacks descriptions of subsites So I've tried to do this in iframe (see my question update 1) but it lacks "proffesional" look :) Nov 7 '14 at 7:01

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