I am working on an Issue Tracking list inside SharePoint 2013. but when a user clicks on an item , the description field will occupy only a small area of the page , while most of the page will be blank as follow:-

enter image description here

so using F12 Developer Tools on IE i detect the marckup for the Description field as follow:- enter image description here

where it is mentioned that it have a Width=350, so i add a Script Editor web part to the displayform and i specify the following to expand the field from 350 to 1000:-

{width: 1000;


but the result is that the display form will display nothing when clicking on an item as follow:-

enter image description here

Of course if i remove the ScriptEditor web part the form will be shown again..

so can anyone advice from where i can force the default display item view to occupy the whole page size ? Thanks

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