tldr: Need to access Task Form Field data in first Approval step, but nothing shows up.

On the bigger scale, I have is a multi-step approval system. On the first approval step, the user inputs the person/group that needs to approve the second step, so I added a person/group field to that step in Task Form Fields in Sharepoint Designer. The problem is I can't access that column data for the second approval process. How do you do that?

What I've tried - Lookup window:

  • Data source -> Association: Task list
  • Field from source: Next approver (my Task Form Field name)
  • Return field as: User Id Number (this returns -1, so I know I'm not getting it)

Find the list item (this part gets murky, nothing here I tried worked)

  • Field: ID
  • Value: Current Item: ID

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As it turns out, it seems like you have to set a variable once the task is created, so you can store the task ID.


Go to Step 2: Set a workflow variable. In sharepoint 2013, I went to the approval process and clicked "Change the behavior of a single task" where I added the local variable variable value to the completion steps.

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