I want to create an org chart similar to the one shown on this page. Are there any free Sharepoint frameworks/APIs that I can use to read a SharePoint list or a CSV file and load that information into a dynamic org chart.


I've also tried to build an org chart on my intranet and unfortunately, I never found any free solution.

I guess the best way to do it for free is to develop a solution internally, if you have the required resources...

I would use the Sharepoint API and build a Sharepoint list with the Employees associated with their managers, and then use JavaScript to display the org chart.

There also might be a possibility using the search people and item display templates, in this link : How to: Create a Simple SharePoint 2013 People Directory

Sorry I can't help you more but I hope this post helps.


Here is the link that should work for you:


Chandani Prajapati

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