I have a SharePoint 2013 farm on which there is a team site. We have few document libraries in which we are trying to save our document/excel or any other office file directly.

My client machine is having Windows 7 and Office 2010. Below are the steps which we are performing:

  1. Open Excel File and created a new workbook.
  2. Go To File -> Save & Send -> Save to SharePoint -> Browse for a site url with document library. eg: http://www.contoso.com/sites/test/Documents/Firm ABC
  3. Provide the credentials and save the document with some name.
  4. Close the excel file
  5. Create new workbook (Till here everything is working fine)
  6. Go To File -> Save & Send -> Save to SharePoint -> Select the location from recent history

Now as soon as I select the location it gives me the error

Could not find http://www.contoso.com/sites/test/Documents/Firm%20ABC

Do anyone have idea why it is behaving like this? My guess is %20 is making problem because when I am trying to add the file in a folder (whose name doesn't have space) it's not giving any error.


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