A coworker has been tasked with adding check-in and check-out functionality from within an InfoPath 2010 form. Is this possible?

This is a typical use case:

  1. User is browsing a SharePoint Form Library and wants to edit a form
  2. User forgets to checkout form before opening the form in the browser
  3. User wants to edit form immediate without going back to SP UI to check-out document manually.
  4. User clicks on an 'edit' button we've added to the form which sets all fields to editable. This should also check-out the form from SharePoint.
  5. User goes about editing the document, and clicks submit (another custom button, from what I understand). At this point the form is submitted and should be checked-in to Sharepoint.

Is any of this possible?

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There is an option in List Advanced Settings to require check-out to edit a document. This would solve the problem of the user forgetting. I am not sure you can check-out the document once it is open but it can be done a few ways:

  • sandbox code-behind in the InfoPath form
  • the Lists.ASMX web service

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