In sharepoint 2010 it was able to Save site as template. But in sharepoint 2013 we should Inaktivate Publishing feature to be able to show this link.

I know that there is some workarounds But my quastion is WHY is it hiddin by microsoft ? Is it for security reason ? im working on an organisation there they would like to have a template of a sitecollection, but im a little bit worry about creating the template in the workaround way.

would like to know the reason why is it hidden in 2013 ?

  • Even in 2010 if you used Publishing site template, Save site as template was not available. – Arsalan Adam Khatri Nov 4 '14 at 18:20
  • what is the the connection between this link and publishing feature ? Why should i disable publishin feature ? – Jam Nov 4 '14 at 18:30

If you had ever turned had publishing feature turned on, the save as site template link will not come back. You can try to use import/export to export the site, and import into a site that has never had publishing turned on, and then use save as site template from that.


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