I have 5 sites in a site collection.

If I want to migrate only 3 sites into my new environment, how can I do the migration using content database approach?


If I have 3 site collections in a web application and want to migrate only 1 site collection, how to migrate using content database approach?

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You can move the site collection to a new database and then migrate.

Start with creating a new content database from central administration.

  • Application management > Manage content databases > select "Add a content database" to the left > select correct web application and database server, select a name and click ok.
  • Now you can move your site collections to the new content database using powershell.
  • Open a new Powershell Window, be sure to run it as an administrator.
  • Load the SharePoint snap-in using add-pssnapin microsoft.sharepoint.powershell
  • Then use the cmldet Move-SPSite to move a site collection to another database. Move-SPsite

An example would be Move-spsite http://webapplication/sites/sitecollection -DestinationDatabase "WSS_Content_NewDatabase

  • When you have moved the site collection(s) you need to perform an IISreset.
  • After you have moved the number of desired site collections to a new database, you can do whatever you want. Take a backup, migrate, move to a test-environment etc.

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