As the 2014 RTZ datetime changes weren't implemented smoothly by SharePoint, let's brainstorm on what has and could go wrong with another change like that.

So the question is: what test cases to verify?

There are multiple points to check, so I suggest that we post different test cases as separate answers and vote for each that we consider more or less important, and afterwards compile them into an actual checklist.


Test Case 1

Check Date field values such as Created and Modified in test items. When something goes wrong, date or time may be recorded mistakenly shifted forward or backward.

Tip: Write equivalent DateTime values to string-based Title and affected Date fields to compare after implementing changes or rolling back.

Check Date Only field values created before implementation of the change - in case of time shift of 1 hour backward, these may corrupt the values by nudging the dates backward as well. This may be critical for certain business applications.


Test Case 2

Check that SharePoint Designer declarative Workflows can be published correctly.

Tip: In case TIMEZONE.XML or RGNLSTNG.XML TimeZone elements don't have valid Name attribute values, workflow publishing may fail.


Test Case 3

Make sure that immediate and scheduled alerts arrive timely.

Tip: Use the Alert me action in a list or library and create a scheduled alert for a specific time and compare the planned and actual delivery times.


Test Case 4

Test any client side functionality that might rely on date-time matching such as JavaScript.

Tip: Watch out for new Date(year,month,date,hour,minute) and new Date(string) in your scripts. Test anything that depends on DateJS or MomentJS for example.


Check dates in future created before timezone changes. For example: Date in DateTime column with value 1 dec 2014 15:58 in item which was created 1 sep 2014 16:00


Third party tools may also suffer from such changes. For instance, Nintex Workflow schedules may be affected.

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