I have serveral pages in Page library, one of them has its properties as below:

title: pagecontent1
createdBy: system account (login name: mylen123)

I first tried searching with The exact phrase, by keyword "pagecontent1". SharePoint search returned 2 results, one is the pagecontent1.aspx itself, and the second is AllItems.aspx of Page library. It seemd the result made sense and worked properly.

However, when I was trying doing so with pick property, it did not work, returning 0 result. In detail, I chose "where the property is " + Author + Contains "system". I think, i should return 2 results as the first try since those pages are both created by "system admin".

I also go to search service application to check out Managed Properties (MP) to see that whether CreatedBy MP is mapped with corresponding ows_Created_x0020_By Crawled Properties (CP).

Why this search option does not work? Could you tell me how to make SP search effectively?

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