I am making a Calendar in SharePoint, but I have some problems with the Title and Description fields.

I don't want the Description field at all, but I am unable to delete it in SharePoint Designer. I assume because this is a "sealed column".

I want to change the Title field to a lookup, but SharePoint Designer won't allow me to change the type of the Title field. My next idea was delete it and just make a new field, but it won't let me do that either.

Finally I decided I would just hide both of the fields and then makes the fields and make the fields I really wanted...but I can't hide them either.

Anyone have any ideas? Unfortunately, I can't use any programming because non-programmers will need to replicate my steps. Thanks in advance for any help!


You should hide it from the content type. Follow steps below

  1. Create a new Calendar
  2. Open Calendar Settings
  3. Under Content Types - Click on Event
  4. Now Click on Title
  5. Select Hidden and Click Ok
  6. Do the same for description.

This will hide the fields from the View/Edit/New form.

I would strongly suggest you create a new Content Type based on Event. And hide as I suggested above. Then attach that content type to the calendar.

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