enter image description hereIn attached sharepoint list column "Status" Data Type is "Number", Column type is "Calculated", Formula :- =IF(NOT([Balance Qty]=0),"OPEN","CLOSED").

Here the requirment is if "PO Date" is not entered by user, "Status" column which is showing OPEN(GREEN)/CLOSED(RED) should be blank which showing currently OPEN in Green Color in Test4

Advice please

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Try this:

=IF([PO Date]="", "", IF(NOT([Balance Qty]=0),"OPEN","CLOSED"))

You can chain the 'IF' statements inside of each other, since the IF function for calculated columns takes true and false arguments (IF(<conditional>, <evalIfTrue>, <evalIfFalse>)) -- you just replace an entire <evalIf...> argument with another IF

Here is an excellent MSDN article on calculated column formulas for SharePoint, they closely mirror Excel formulas but are not exactly the same.

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  • Thanks John, Its work perfectly. And also thank to provided MSDN calculated column formulas.:) – user3760253 Oct 31 '14 at 8:47

Maybe something like the following?

=IF(AND(NOT([Balance Qty]=0),NOT([PO Date]="")),"OPEN","CLOSED")
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  • Its not working. – user3760253 Oct 30 '14 at 12:55

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