TLDR: Is there a way to change the UI for the default Subject View for SharePoint discussion forums? I've gone into SharePoint designer and changed the ReadOnly attribute of the view to FALSE, but all that unlocks for me in the web client is the ability to add columns, change positions / sorting order, etc., which seemingly does nothing to change how the Subject View looks or behaves.


I maintain a SharePoint publishing site for my team, and it has been a useful way to quickly publish and iterate on walkthroughs, reference materials, and other help content for our customers. A new goal along the lines of customer support is to build a self-serving community, which is why our team decided to add a discussion board to our SharePoint publishing site.

The discussion board is there to support two scenarios: firstly, general discussion, and secondly, feature voting. The first scenario is simple enough, but the second scenario - allowing customers to submit and vote for features - presents some challenges. We'd like to use the discussion board's built-in rating feature to drive feature voting, but that comes with the challenge of making "voting" (actually measured in "Likes") more discoverable.

With the default Subject View, visitors can see a list of discussion titles, authors, # of votes, etc. I'd like to add a voting button, a clickable "Like", to the default view, so visitors won't have to click into the topic and click "Like". Ultimately, getting the same functionality - though not necessarily UI - as UserVoice would be pretty awesome:

Feature voting through UserVoice

For reference, this is the current, default Subject View:

Default subject view for discussion forum

To vote, visitors must click the title link to see the discussion topic, and click Like on that page:

Discussion topic "Like" button

  • Have you tried Surveys? – Amal Hashim Oct 29 '14 at 22:41
  • Thanks for the tip! I just looked at Surveys. That could be one way to tackle feature voting, but it looks like there is the same problem of needing to create a custom list view with a "Like" button. I realized that my post was a bit sparse in details, so I've added some pictures to help illustrate what I'm trying to accomplish. – Jimmy Luo Oct 29 '14 at 23:19

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