Is it possible in the Term Store Management Tool (SharePoint 2013) when you only have editor rights to make a " virtual path " to a page, from which you redirect to a page that is location a other place?

In other words, on my website, I have surmised that many have bookmarked a url /bog/krimi/pages/ole.aspx.

The page is now moved to /krimibog/olehansen and the users that enter the old url /bog/krimi/pages/ole.aspx gets an error page. Therefore they need to be redirected to the new location.


I would suggest you create a page in this url /bog/krimi/pages/ole.aspx and add a content editor web part which redirect the user to the actual page.

Inside the content editor use below code

window.location = '/krimibog/olehansen'
  • Many thanks for your reply. I do not think this is the correct solution, when I first need to build the old structure up again. Is it not possible to place a term outside the structure and redirected to a page?? – Morten Jacobsen Oct 28 '14 at 12:41

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