I don't have access to InfoPath.

I am making a custom web part with a basic form having 4 fields and a submit button. I want to start a workflow when user presses submit button? Can I do this in my custom form? I mean running some workflow on button click?

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You can start a workflow programmatically with the code from here

private SPWorkflowAssociation GetWorkflowAssociationByName(SPListItem item, string workflowAssociationName) 
    return item.ContentType.WorkflowAssociations.GetAssociationByName(workflowAssociationName, new System.Globalization.CultureInfo("en-US")); 


public void StartWorkflow(SPListItem item, string associationName) 
//get workflow association object
workflowAssociation = GetWorkflowAssociationByName(item, associationName);                 

if (workflowAssociation == null)
  throw new Exception(string.Format  ("Workflow association '{0}' could not be found in the list '{1}'", workflowAssociationName, item.ParentList.Title)); 

//start your workflow...
item.Web.Site.WorkflowManager.StartWorkflow(item, workflowAssociation, workflowAssociation.AssociationData); 
   catch (SPException spEx) 
   { //log your exception } 

//that kicks off a associated workflow.
StartWorkflow(anInstanceOfSPListItem, "Masood - Approval workflow")
  • Great! What if I want to write my own workflow? Oct 28, 2014 at 9:26
  • You can use SharePoint designer or visual studio.
    – Choggo
    Oct 28, 2014 at 9:41

Look the SPWorkflowManager class. It is available from SPSite.WorkflowManager property. It has StartWorkflow methods to run new workflow instance.

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