Is there a way to move a web in SharePoint 2013 Foundation?

I am aware that it is possible using "Content and structure" in the Server edition, but I am asking about Foundation.

I am also aware that it is possible if we are talking about an entire site collection, but I am asking about a single subweb.

So, for example it could be: Move http://sharepoint.server.com/web to http://sharepoint.server.com/another-web/web.


You can use the export & import powershell.

Export-SPWeb "http://sharepoint.server.com/web" -Path "site export.cmp"

then run the import process:

Import-SPWeb "http://sharepoint.server.com/another-web/web" -Path export.cmp -UpdateVersions Overwrite

You can also try to use Save as template options.

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You can use Import and export cmdlets in SharePoint 2013

Export-SPWeb http://site -Path "site export.cmp"

Import-SPWeb http://site -Path export.cmp -UpdateVersions Overwrite


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