I have 2 tier SP farm (SP and SQL) I want to add new server(3rd) with following PowerShell script, the same error with Configuration wizard

Connect-SPConfigurationDatabase -DatabaseServer "\SharePoint" -DatabaseName "SP_Config"

Error: Connect-SPConfigurationDatabase : Не удалось применить изменения web.config к ф айлу "C:\inetpub\wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories\MySite Host-8080\web.config". Не удалось применить изменение веб-конфигурации к файлу "C:\inetpub\wwwroot\wss \VirtualDirectories\MySite Host-8080\web.config". Указанный узел "system.web/h ttpModules" не найден в файле web.config. строка:1 знак:1 + Connect-SPConfigurationDatabase -DatabaseServer "\SharePoint" -D ata ... + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

After mySite deletion same error with Main Portal:80 enter image description here


Web.config file of "MySite-Host-8080" having some issue which causing the issue when you trying to add the server.Looks like you made changes in the web.config file and remove/ add some tags.

Now you have two options, if you are not using the MySite-host web app then you can simply delete it and rerun the config wizard on new server.

Or Fix the the issue specified node "system.web / h ttpModules" and re run the config wizard. You can compare the web.config from other web application and add that node.

  • thanks, Idelete mysite and contentdatabase properly from IIS. But the same error with Main Portal:80 web.config, I do not want delete my Main portal due to this issue – shakizat Oct 27 '14 at 4:49

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