Designing a declarative workflow with Visual Studio 2013 I try to use a CompositeTask to fulfill the following requirements

  • approval workflow for multiple users with a parallel task
  • if at least 50% of the users respond we go on with the workflow
  • the outcome of the CompositeTask is 'rejected' if only one of the responses is 'rejected'

So I set the CompletionCriteria of the CompositeTask activity

  • 'Wait for percentage of a response'
  • CompletionCriteriaProperties: 'Percentage' = 50; 'InterestedOutcome' = 3

according to MSDN dev network

The thing with the 50% works. Good, but the task outcome is always approved. So at the moment the 50% response criteria is what the task makes to say 'success'. But how to tell it that it has to consider the 'specific outcome' of the several responses?

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You should set the Required outcome to "Approved" and the Default outcome to "Rejected". The note below the Completion criteria says: "This option will make the workflow wait until a specified percentage of a particular outcome is received. If the required percentage is not achieved, it will return the default outcome."

  • but as you say: "until a specified percentage of a particular outcome is received", but our condition is "if at least 50% of the users respond" - so a particular outcome isn't considered!
    – Celophysis
    Apr 30, 2015 at 10:48
  • okey, this aspect I missed. Sorry.
    – sschoof
    May 3, 2015 at 11:51

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