Lets say I have two Term Sets named: A & B. In Term Set A I have a term X that i want to reuse in Term Set B. Under X I have some "Child-Terms".

How do i programmatically get the "Child-Terms" of X?

Get Term should do the job if there where two instances of different terms that had the same name. (The job of getting the two instances of X which I could then get the child terms from)

TermCollection tc = session.GetTerms(term.Name, true);

How should I tackle this problem?

Development on SharePoint 2010.

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Using the sspId from the field on the item I was working on I was able to get the child terms from a Reused Term.

TermStore termStore = session.TermStores.FirstOrDefault(ts => ts.Id == taxField.SspId);                                                        
TermSet termSet = termStore.GetTermSet(taxField.TermSetId);                                                      
Term reusedTerm = termSet.Terms.FirstOrDefault(t => t.Labels.Any(l => l.Value == originalTerm.Name));
reusedTerm.terms <<<<----- here's X

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