I have site collection with many subwebs. There is a lot of usergroups in site collection - every subweb has it's own members, visitors and owners associated. I need to use a PeopleEditor control, but I would need to limit available users/groups to only those, who have some rights at given web. Is there any option for that? I'm not able to find anything working. Many thanks Filip

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I'm not sure if this resolve your problem , but you can create a group dedicated to this purpose. so if a user can be selected, you add it to this group. and you set this group as a source to the people picker.

Otherwise you have to develop a custom field that inherit from people picker, and implement a mechanism that let you manage the source of the people picker.

  • Thanks, I've thought that it's so, but wanted to be sure, that I'm not missing some out-of-the-box option.
    – Filip M.
    Oct 23, 2014 at 6:54

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