I have a bunch of images in a library that I need to get URLs for each item. I can get the GUIDs with this:


Is there a way to quickly get URLs for each item.

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At least three options are available:

Option 1

Retrieve File Url via projected File object:

/_api/Web/Lists/getByTitle('<list title>')/items?$select=File/ServerRelativeUrl&$expand=File

Option 2

Retrieve File Url via FileRef property:

/_api/Web/Lists/getByTitle('<list title>')/items?$select=FieldValuesAsText/FileRef&$expand=FieldValuesAsText

Option 3

Retrieve files using GetFolderByServerRelativeUrl endpoint:

/_api/Web/GetFolderByServerRelativeUrl('<list url>')/Files?$select=ServerRelativeUrl 
  • How do you know what to put for $expand?
    – matt
    Oct 20, 2014 at 15:28

Assuming it's a Document Library, you can use $expand to bring information from the File along with the query

Should be something like this:


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