I have a search service application that has 2 content sources - one for the SharePoint Sites and one for File Shares. When I perform a search from the Search Center the results can show documents from both Sites and Shares. How can I show only the results from the Sites or only the results from the Shares?

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You need to configure separate Result Sources and add them to the search web parts.

This blog post shows how to create a new Result Source except that on the Build Your Query step you will filter your query to the Content Source as opposed to the ContentClass or Path that are used on the post.

You can then create as many search result pages as you want, filtering for your custom Result Sources as per this second post.

  • After I built my query, when I hit "Save" I got the following
    – Dan Pierce
    Oct 16, 2014 at 14:49
  • Exchange Source URL - "You must enter a value for this required field" and Source URL Open Source - "You must enter a value for this required field".
    – Dan Pierce
    Oct 16, 2014 at 14:52
  • I just entered http:// for both and I was able to save. Will this be a problem?
    – Dan Pierce
    Oct 16, 2014 at 14:56
  • I think you might have chosen the wrong protocol on the new Result source screen - Try "Local SharePoint"
    – Choggo
    Oct 16, 2014 at 15:47
  • I deleted my result source and built a new query. This time Save worked without asking for a value in Exchange and Source URL. I configured the Search Results Web Part to use the new result source. However, when I try to do a query I get no results! I tried going through the procedures severl times but still no results on a query.
    – Dan Pierce
    Oct 16, 2014 at 15:49

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