I've upgraded to the new SP1 and July update for Office Web Apps and it's working fine with Excel and Visio, however I notice Word Documents are no longer working.

When I run Get-SPWOPIBInding everything looks the same:

Application     : Excel
Extension       : XLSX
ProgId          : 
Action          : view
IsDefaultAction : True
ServerName      : server.example.com
WopiZone        : internal-https

Application     : Word
Extension       : DOCX
ProgId          : 
Action          : view
IsDefaultAction : True
ServerName      : server.example.com
WopiZone        : internal-https

Interestingly I've only configured OWA to use HTTP (I've run Set-SPWOPIZone -zone "internal-http" via here) to do that, but the above WopiZone still says "internal-https".

Anyway, any advice on why Word might not be loading in the browser and defaulting to downloading? I am over the VPN at this stage, so I'll try again at work from inside the network.


I got the following error when searching for Word Documents and trying to preview them:

Exiting GetWOPITargetInternal Early - GenerateWacUrl failed to produce a URL/actionEntry for file XXX with extension 'DOCX'

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My suspicions were correct: the mismatch between Get-SPWOPIZone and the WopiZone of the Get-SPWopiBinding seemed to cause the error - everything needed to be internal-http.

I followed the article here to remove and then recreate the bindings and Word started working (funny that Excel and Visio worked before but Word didn't!):

Resolution: Remove the link between the Sp farm and WCA 
PS> Remove-SPWOPIBinding –All:$true
Connect SP to the WOPI farm 
PS> $internalName = "wca.demo.dev"
PS> $internalZone = "internal-https"
PS> New-SPWOPIBinding -ServerName $internalName –AllowHTTP 
PS> Set-SPWopiZone -zone $internalZone
  • Just for your attention: Microsoft only recommending running HTTP in test/development and HTTPS for Office Web Apps in production. Oct 15, 2014 at 13:32
  • Yes and if you were using a ExternalURL you'd want SSL, however we're only using an internal url at this stage. So no need to manage certificates or take an unncessary performance hit.
    – PeterX
    Oct 15, 2014 at 23:27

are you sure that you viewed Viso-Files through Office Web Apps Server? There is no such functionality. I guess it must have been Visio-Services within SharePoint Server.

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