Reusable workflow (content type based) running on a Document set. I need to extract the name of the Parent Document set while a workflow is running on the documents inside a doc set.

I get the full url using [Workflow context : Current Item URL] as below

http://somesite/sites/TestWF/ResumeBank/Tina Garcia/Cover Letter.docx

Tina Garcia is what i want to extract from the above. How do I extract using the extract string actions in SharePoint Designer 2010?

Copy from [Workflow context : Current Item URL], starting at 46 gives me:

Tina Garcia/Cover Letter.docx

Now I need to extract just Tina Garcia. I can get the name of the file using [Current Item : Name] which gives me Cover Letter.docx Any help would me appreciated!!

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You may want to take a look into SharePoint Designer Workflow String Actions or SharePoint Designer Workflow Extensions or String Workflow Actions for SharePoint 2013/Online.

You can just install these solutions in order to access the functionality they offer, including string manipulation that you need.


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