For a client I'm looking at the following case:

They have all sorts of documents within a document library grouped into folders (multiple levels deep). If a folder doesn't contain a document, the process owner knows that something is wrong since it's not complete. They want to be able to manually start a workflow to check a particular folder for completeness. If it's empty an email must be send with the name of the folder.

I was thinking of using SharePoint Online 2013 workflow however there is no action available to check if a folder is empty or not. So my second thought was using a webservice to do it for me, but I need some guidance on how to do that.

  • Can this be done by leveraging the default web services from SP2013 Online?
  • How can I check if a folder is empty?

I am not a programmer, but I know how to write some code. Any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks, Kevin

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Yes use SharePoint Rest Services and then calling:


Just loop through all the results and when ItemCount = 0 and Name of the folder is not equal to Forms(default in every library) send out an email.

It does not list out the subfolders. Still thinking about a proper solution for getting all of the sub folders.

Refrences how to apply in workflows:



It could be done by leveraging SharePoint REST services.

In SharePoint 2013 workflows was introduced a new action named Call HTTP Web Service. This action is flexible enough to make requests to a variety web services including SharePoint REST service.

The following REST request demonstrates how to determine whether Folder contains items:


Note: the query returns the count of items (File or Folder type) stored in the specified folder.


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    Thanks for your answer. Looks good. I will try that approach!
    – KevinvG
    Oct 13, 2014 at 10:57

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