I'm migrating a simple SharePoint installation (WSS 3.0 with internal DB) to SharePoint Foundation 2013 backed by SQL Server 2014. SQL Server 2014 seems to have a lot of options about which features I can run. I only want to run the minimum that would actually get used. Which features do I need to install?

I saw someone asked a similar question here: Recommended SQL Server 2008 R2 instance features for Sharepoint Foundation 2010, I'm asking the same question but with different instances of the products.


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The only minimum that you actually need is exactly the answer in the old post. The top one called "Database Engine Service" for the actual SQL engine and "Management tools - basic/complete" for Management Studio.

This is what most people choose to go with when setting up a development or a minimal foundation server, as the rest is just additional features for example Reporting Services or PowerPivot that is not even included in SharePoint foundation.

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