By default libraries have 3 views across the library header and the others available in the ... drop down. I have managed to 'break' this and now only have one view in the header. Does anyone have any ideas where this is controlled and how I can get back to three view or even change it to four. Many thanks, Chris

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In SharePoint 2013 View Selector Menu is rendered using the ClientPivotControl control (clienttemplate.js)

How to control View Selector Menu in SharePoint 2013

The parameter SurfacedPivotCount determines how many view items are displayed in List View header, it is declared in ClientPivotControl control:

ClientPivotControl.prototype = { 
    SurfacedPivotCount: 3

The following script demonstrates how to override standard behavior in order to display 6 view menu items:

if (typeof ClientPivotControl.prototype.SurfacedPivotCount !== "undefined") {
    ClientPivotControl.prototype.SurfacedPivotCount = 6;

How to apply changes

  1. Open View page in edit mode
  2. Insert Script Editor web part on the page
  3. Insert the provided code by enclosing it using script tag


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Not sure if this would work but try:

  1. Browse to your list
  2. Go go List-->List Settings
  3. Click on "Advanced Settings"
  4. Scoll down, there is a quick edit option to switch on or off

and test this link Ghosting, Unghosting, Customized, and Uncustomized

  • Ghosted = Un-Customized, The asp.net parser renders the page.
  • Unghosted = Customized, Controlled by the SafeMode parser.
  • Reghosting = Changing from Customized to Un-Customized

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