after upgrading PowerPivot for SharePoint I cannot refresh the data in all the workbooks. Error appears when opening a workbook in the gallery or in the Scheduled-Data-Refresh.

1. Gallery / SharePoint Integrated "There was an error....blah blah blah" and in the Windows Event Log: "Activation context generation failed for "\Program Files\Microsoft Analysis Services\AS OLEDB\110\msolap110.dll". Dependent Assembly Microsoft.AnalysisServices.ChannelTransport,processorArchitecture="MSIL",publicKeyToken="89845dcd8080cc91",version="" could not be found. Please use sxstrace.exe for detailed diagnosis."

2. Scheduled Data Refresh "Microsoft.AnalysisServices.XmlSerializationException: Deserialization failed: The 'FormatString' element in the 'htt://schemas.microsoft.com/analysisservices/2011/engine/300/300' namespace is unexpected. ---> Microsoft.AnalysisServices.XmlSerializationException: The 'FormatString' element in the 'htt://schemas.microsoft.com/analysisservices/2011/engine/300/300' namespace is unexpected. at Microsoft.AnalysisServices.DesignXmlReader.ReadStructContent(Object obj, StructMapping mapping) at Microsoft.AnalysisServices.DesignXmlReader.ReadObjectContent(Object value, Type type, TypeMapping mapping) at Microsoft.AnalysisServices.DesignXmlReader.ReadClassObject(Type type, MemberMapping mm) at Microsoft.AnalysisServices.DesignXmlReader.ReadArrayContent(Object array, Array..."

3. Installation Files I cannot start the SQL Server PowerPivot Configuration Tool (via Installation Center), it is greyed out! But the Version of my PowerPivot Instance is 11.XXXX!

It seems that the "Microsoft.AnalysisServices.SharePoint.Integration" dll files in the Windows-Assembly folder were not updated as they still show the version!

What I've done:

I followed this instruction: htt://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee210646(v=sql.110).aspx The only thing is: It says I need to install CummUpdate for August 2010 even after I installed SP1 for SharePoint! That is not possible as the built for SP1 is higher than the Aug2010CummUpdate...

Any Ideas?

Thanks a lot

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